Teamsters Local Union 938 are here to help you and your fellow employees to become unionized.  This information is designed to provide you insight on all aspects of unionizing and the benefits of working in a unionized environment. We are not here to take on your employers, simply to level the playing field between employer and employee and to work for a brighter, more secure future for all.


Teamsters Local Union 938 while working with employees will endeavor to unionize your workplace. Our goal is to unite the employees of your company through a strong union. We will work with any employee to help further along the process, and encourage all employees to become involved. Our door is always open...take the time to contact us with your information so we can keep you up to date and informed. All this information is 100% confidential.


In all parts of Canada, employees have a legal right to become union members, to organize, support, and participate in union activities. The Canada Labour Code states:

"Every employee is free to join the trade union of his/her choice and to participate in its lawful activities"

The Ontario Labour Relations Act provides the identical rights and freedoms, and states the following;

Section 149 of the Labour Relations Code makes it illegal for an employer to bully an employee “by intimidation, dismissal, threat of dismissal or any other kind of threat,” into not joining a union. Even without a union, everyone is protected under this law. If your employer breaks this law, Teamsters Local Union 938 can help you fight back. Similarly, the Code states that employers may not give preferential treatment to anyone who expresses negative opinions about unionizing. Ultimately, your employer is not allowed to even ask you to share your views about organizing


We are interested in you the employee as the most valuable asset to your employer. This is a grass roots drive, reaching out to every employee, regardless of union opinion or pre-conceptions. We are here for you, and will answer any questions you may have – we are completely transparent. Let’s make an informed decision together

Teamsters Local Union 938 have organizers who are available to answer questions and provide you with information. We are a team working together to help even the playing field and ensure a brighter future and job security. Please provide us with a means to reach you, and we will be happy to answer all your questions at your leisure.

THE FIRST STEP - SIGNING A UNION CARD: Signing a Union card is simply an application for membership.

Remember you cannot be fired for signing a card and the employer will never see the cards, only the OLRB/CIRB will.

STEP TWO - BARGAINING WITH THE EMPLOYER: Once the Teamsters become certified, we provide your employer with notice to begin the bargaining process. Negotiations are held under the principle of maintaining good relations with the employer and achieving the basis of a 'fair days’ work for a fair days pay'.

the organizing Process

STEP THREE - RATIFYING THE AGREEMENT: Prior to ratifying or placing any Agreement in place the Members will vote on the employers offer. You are in control every step of the way. Teamsters will ensure you understand your Agreement before you vote, and make recommendations to achieve the best deal possible.

Today we begin the journey together for a brighter future - help us reach out to you. It is Your Right under law, and absolutely every inquiry is confidential.

If you would like to discuss making your workplace better:
(All calls are kept strictly confidential)

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