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The 4th Annual Purolator Softball Tournament

The 4th Annual Purolator Metro Challenge 3-pitch Co-ed Softball Tournament was held on Saturday, July 12th at Ken Moorish Park in Scarborough. Eleven teams competed for the coveted Metro Trophy during an action-packed day of competition. In the end, the depending champions from Mississauga East took home the honours as champions for 2014. This was a 3-peat for the team. Competitors have another year to hone their skills and try to knock them off the podium in 2015.

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6th Annual Purolator Metro Cup Soccer Tournament


The result… a nice pre-Christmas present for Purolator members at Local 938

Members of the Local 938 bargaining committee met recently to analyze and dissect the successful ratified Purolator agreement reached on November 11th 2011. There were a lot of firsts in this agreement including an unprecedented 92% acceptance of the contract by the members at Purolator across the Country, negotiations concluding prior to expiry, a unanimous recommendation for acceptance by the entire negotiating committee representing the 12 locals across the Country as well as voting electronically. None of these things have ever happened before with Purolator.

“I don’t know if we were more surprised at the ultimate result or how quickly it all happened” explained Bob Miles, Local 938 Secretary-Treasurer and Chair of the bargaining committee. “We had a lot of experienced people from Local 938 at the bargaining table, probably the most in the country. This certainly helps in concluding a successful agreement. I have been on every bargaining committee since the very first Collective Agreement with Purolator in 1990 and Business Agent Stuart Villeneuve and Robin Venedam have been on every bargaining committee since the 2000 agreement. All the other members of our bargaining team have been on one or two bargaining committees. However, they all come with a vast amount of knowledge of the Collective Agreement process from their many years as Stewards representing the members at Purolator.” 

Purolator Steward, Robin Venedam added: “We knew what we wanted when we got there, we were very clear about that. We stuck together with that strategy. Everyone else simply followed us.”

“The stewards provided the valuable information from the various terminals on what the members were seeking and why. This information was invaluable and helped us focus on those issues” said Local 938 Business Agent Stuart Villeneuve.

Purolator Steward, Joe Jephson summed it up this way. “We all went in with a negotiation strategy that represented what our members wanted and thought was acceptable” he explained. “Obviously, we were after the best deal we could accomplish for our members. The company came into bargaining seeking labour peace and stability. We both got what we wanted.”

“Local 938 led the charge. When our leaders spoke, the room was quiet. People listened,” said Local 938 Executive Board Trustee and Steward Omkar Maraj. “We had strong leadership from the Local which had set goals for us to accomplish for the members. There wasn’t much rebuttal from others on that position, we basically put our mandate on the table and everybody else followed suit.”

“It was evident to all, that the Ontario Locals clearly came in unified, this has not always been the case in the past. All of the Ontario Locals together make up nearly half of the members at Purolator across Canada.” added Local 938 Business Agent, Shahan Simon. “That really showed all involved that we were here to get a deal for our members and we were a force to be reckoned with.”

The contract provides job security for the next 5 years for the members at Purolator with significant increases to wages, Pension, benefits and vacations along with other enhancements over the term of the contract.

Purolator Steward Tony Alloy got the last word. “In the final analysis, we at Local 938 carry the bulk of the members across the country.” he said. “The issues we had were solid issues that needed to be addressed. With our leadership pushing for those issues, we pretty much had control. The company recognized that and they knew they had to satisfy those issues in order to get an agreement.”

Teamsters Local Union No. 938 Purolator Bargaining Committee

Seated (L to R) Shahan Simon, Business Agent, Bob Miles, Secretary-Treasurer,Stuart Villeneuve, Business Agent.
Standing (L to R) Omkar Maraj, Steward, Mississauga West, Tony Alloy, Steward, Sault Ste Marie, Joe Jephson, Steward, Metro West, Robin Venedam, Steward, GTT

Purolator Steward Joins Women’s Caucus

  Yolande Lewis, a Divisional DG Specialist/WPT with Purolator Courier, working out of the Vaughan Depot has been appointed a Director for the Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus.

Purolator and Teamsters Ratify 5 Year Deal!

Dec. 8, 2011 - Teamsters Local 938 and their bargaining team led the way as an historic 5-year tentativeagreement was ratified by a 92% vote by members across the country. The deal had been unanimously recommended by the negotiations committee made up of union members and Officers from Teamster Local Unions across Canada. Highlights of the package included a 16% wage increase over the term of the contact and a pension plan increase of 22%. Worker benefits have also been significantly improved and the retirement allowance has been raised by 40%. This contract puts Teamster members working for Purolator at the top of the industry in Canada.