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Stewards Meet to l=Learn.

  Stewards from ASIG, Cott, TST Overland, Stock Transportation, First Student and Purator met at the Local 938 Union Hall for a full-day Training Seminar in April 2017 to update on current issues as well as other notable procedures.

Committee Reports

President of Ontario Women’s Caucus addresses General Membership Meeting

  Sister Lenna Phenix addressed the membership at the November 2011 General Membership Meeting speaking to the vision of the Women’s Caucus, which is affiliated with Teamsters Canada and the IBT and currently has two boards, one in Ontario and one in Quebec. She spoke about the difference Unions have made in women’s lives, their successful fundraising efforts, and how they resonate as activists in their Union as well as in the community. She advised of a meet and greet being held on December 2nd 2011 at Local 847’s Union Hall. Sister Phenix then thanked President Craig McInnes for the opportunity to reach out to the membership. President McInnes thanked Sister Phenix for her efforts and assured her that the Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus would continue to receive support from Local 938 for the efforts in the future.

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New brothers and sisters are welcomed to the Union!


Retirees are thanked for their years of service and presented with a Teamsters watch!


Up-to-date reports are presented to all attendees and  healthy dialogue between members, Business agents and Executive on current issues are encouraged!


Draw prizes are a favourite meeting element and Teamsters shirts and hats are always popular




Members have an opportunity to meet with their colleagues to discuss individual issues!